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I think you’re making a great decision for Cider (cute name). And you’re really smart to start doing your research now to formulate a plan. Being educated and prepared is hugely important. I was still confused when I started Mac on raw and he paid the price with diarrhea and later constipation. This website has a lot of great information in the forums.

Another fantastic resource is The puppy specific pages are still under construction but I’ve been told they will be done soon. Meanwhile, there’s still a lot of great information that’s well organized and tools that are easy to use. Plus instructions with pictures are provided by an experienced person with proven success in raw feeding. Most importantly, unlike my vet and some of the websites I've found, Raw Dog Ranch is objective. Hopefully, the puppy pages will be complete by the time your puppy is 4 months old. I highly recommend it. The research can be overwhelming so if you can find a few resources you trust, stick with them.

Good Luck, Carrie
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