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I couldn't figure out how to link another thread other than doing it that way. It was a Thread I started for advice on raw feeding and amounts and all that.. all the information was SUPER helpful. I think you might get something out of it.

I too am starting a raw diet for my 2 Year old GSD, Titan and my new 3 mo Boerboel pup, Athena, in January. I wanted all the information I could get so when I researched, I got so much I overwhelmed myself with it, lol. probably like a few others I imagine. I love the questions you asked because it's more related to puppy raw feeding. But from what I gather it seems that it's just the same as an adult. The site that was posted earlier: Welcome to the Raw Dog Ranch was super helpful in the feeding amounts. She gave examples of what she feeds her dogs and that visual was great. It's not complete yet as was stated but I presume it will be soon.

I'm super interested in reading what everyone has to say about your thread! :)
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