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Chicken is fine to feed for a couple weeks. It's better than starting out with a bunch of different foods - her tummy will most likely get upset, and it could either be from the huge variety, or from an issue with a certain type of food. Adding new foods slowly allows you to keep her from getting the runs, and lets you know if there was a particular food that didn't agree with her. If you do find one that doesn't agree with her, you can try it later, once her system is adjusted to the diet.

You can go either way with the skin; skin is fatty so it could cause some digestive upset if she's not used to it. So skinless might be good to start, and then you can try meat with the skin on. I would feed her meals whole, but watch her carefully to be sure she doesn't try to gulp them. If you know she tends to gulp, you can hold the end of the meat to make sure she chews it. If she tends to eat her kibble or other foods slowly and carefully, it will probably translate over to raw food, but always watch her when she's eating.
To start out, you can feed chicken quarters and the boneless/skinless breast. Fairly bony meals are good because bones make poop more solid...but too much can make her constipated, so do your best to keep her balanced. If she's okay after several days, add in a tiny bit of liver. If she's still fine (no runny poop), you can slowly add more variety. If she starts to get the runs, back off with adding new stuff for a few days.

I don't add any fruits, veggies, or carbs. My dogs get meat, bones, and organ. They all get salmon oil, and the one with HD gets joint supplements and Ester C. I don't do multivitamins, they get their nutrients from their meat. I do feed bee pollen, and I haven't really heard of anyone else feeding it - but it puts an amazing gleam on my dogs' coats.

Beef is fine; if Cedar has issues with it, you can just stop feeding it. It's not going to do any longterm damage. Individual dogs are totally different, you will have to see what works best for yours.

I have one (my old lady) who is allergic to just about everything I've tried; except turkey. And then Djenga was having some awful allergy problems a few months ago; I couldn't figure out what was wrong, she had nasty ear infections and was losing the hair on her ears, chest, and feet. I figured it out, but it took a while, eliminating certain things from her diet. She was horribly allergic to venison, which I had been feeding a lot of. Within a few days of being off the venison, her ear infections had cleared up completely (after festering, even with medication from the vet, for quite a while), and before long she looked perfect again.

So - go slowly, and feed what works for Cedar and you'll be just fine!
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