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Stanton, DE - Sadie, F/S, 2yo, b/t

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Good with cats: ? (appears respectful of them)
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Sadie was left tied to the SPCA's gate one night last week. She has a wonderful temperament, loves everyone, is super playful with great (but not off-the-wall) energy. She's petite, in general, but still thinner now than she should be. Also, possibly slightly younger than the 2-years of age she's listed at.

One of the ACOs was going to adopt her, but she and his WGSD had a "disagreement" at home, so she had to come back to the shelter. The disagreement may have been some jealousy/resource guarding, but she has played nicely with all of the other dogs she's met. (However, she also played nicely with the WGSD til she got home with her.)

The shelter is FULL. Please call them for more info: 302.998.2281.

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Forgot to mention: she's had some basic training. She knows sit and down and will come when called. As you might guess from the picture, she likes balls. She'll fetch and bring the ball back to you.
How cute
Bet it was a jealous fight on the part of WGS - not use to sharing too bad.

Sadie looks like a fun girl, hope she gets a family soon.
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She is beautiful. I wish her all the luck in the world. She seems too nice for this to happen to. Well someones loss is anothers gain.
ADOPTED!!! To a very nice, young couple this afternoon.

Thanks, everyone!
Great news! I know she was a bit out of my rescues range but I was going to head down & temp test her.
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