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Jake is being tormented by two immature gray squirrels(the squirrrrl-is from my fav entemans commercial where 2 dogs talking and one dog distracts other from dropped tidbits by saying that)Anyway the latest trick is they will stay in tooth reach of Jake and 'hide' on oppsite side of the tree trunk(big tree).He and squirrel just spent about 5 minutes circling the tree.Isn't it great how the animal world can just give you a big fun laugh when you need it.Hope they realize Jake is NOT really playing!
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I'm sure Slider sympathizes with Jake.

I swear the squirrels tease Slider whose biggest dream is to have squirrel for dinner. They often cut thru the dog pen that Slider and Bruiser share when outdoors to get into the oak tree. The squirrels sometimes act like the dogs are part of the landscape. I honestly hate these furry tailed rats, but on the other hand I don't want the Hooligans to harm them either.
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I have those squirrels too. They're more careful now - Morgan almost caught one of them when it lost it's balance on the top of the fence!
When we moved here there were plenty of squirrels. Since then Odin's taken out 6 of them and Frigga's snuffed 2 of them. She's fast, but new at this. Odin's an old pro. So here it's Dogs - 8 and Squirrels - 0. And that's pretty much their numbers here now. They used to hangout alot on the big pine tree out front but now they stay in the woodline where they have a better chance of getting away.

One squirrel actually turned on Frigga and yelled at her as she was chasing it. That squirrel found out the hard way she doesn't take guff from squirrels.
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