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HI all-

Please Help-
There are a few dog ramps out there to help our LARGE furry friends get out of the water and into the boat. I was wondering if anyone has bought one and if they work? I am considering getting the LOAD-A-PUP one. It looks like a compact simple design. They have videos of large dogs using it and it looks great... We have a Reinell 240 c.

here are the video's for the LOAD-A-PUP

Another ramp is made by Paws aboard, but it doesn't look very sturdy- (maybe a good design for a little dog?). The lab in the promotional video looks more than a little awkward... I have read reviews from people who own it and say they had to "retrofit" it and could only use it if the water was calm... does anyone give this ramp kudos?

Oh, and since I have the attention of boat people, I LOVE these dog life vests. They are called super soft and made of the same coast guard approved material as human vests. My dogs wore them for 5 days at Lake Powell and did not chafe or get annoyed at the vest at all. They are very easy to get on and off. They don't impede the dog swimming and seem comfortable on land too. (I bought the ones without a handle). They are also priced under $20!!

THANKS everyone!

Here is my golden showing off his balance skills wearing the vest.

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