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I was curious if anyone else has 'special' games that they play with their dogs. One that they would only play with one specific dog because he/she really seems to enjoy it.

I'd like to share one that I play with Hondo. Sometimes when Hondo is sleeping, I'll creep slowly up to him - on my hands and knees - and then gently start blowing on his ear. He'll open his eyes and then get all excited because I'm right there! It is funny as all get out. I don't get close enough so if I were to scare him he could jump and get me in the face (that is why I blow from a distance).

Most of the time he hears me and even with his eyes closed he'll start wagging his tail, which means he won that round. He knows 'dead dog' so he'll lay still (with the exception of his wagging tail) till I release him. He'll jump up and we'll play tug or ball or something.

This game isn't meant to scare him - and Hondo isn't a fearful dog. He really has nerves of steel (dispite me). I wouldn't play this game with any of my other dogs, it's saved for Hondo.
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