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Spayed 4 year old female peeing blood...

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This is something I have NEVER experienced before (nor anyone I know) so I don't even know what to begin to think.

Tasha's background:
Spayed at 10 weeks old (so of course has never been in heat)
Never had any serious health issues, had a short bout of some GI infection after eating tainted meat.
Now she's about 4 years old and has never had any sort of UTIs.
I do not know everything she eats as I know my dad sneaks her food from the kitchen whenever he can.
Father also takes some heavy medications she may or may not have gotten into to cause this.

What I've noticed:
Early this morning she peed on the floor in my bedroom, this is more or less unusual (she sometimes pees in the house as she refuses to go outside in the morning
This is not a health issue, I am sure of it) . As hurried as I was to get her outside, I did not notice any straining or blood or otherwise discomfort. Once she went outside she sat next to the door while I cleaned up the mess. She did not 'go' again.

A few hours later (still early morning), she threw up yellow bile in my room twice (plain yellow bile, no blood, nothing out of the ordinary in it). I managed to rush her outside again, this time, before I pulled out the roll of paper towels, I noticed her straining to pee. It took her a LONG time and all I saw was a few drops of dark liquid. I checked it after she was done but I couldn't see any blood. I took a mental note to keep a close eye.

Nothing since then up until a few minutes ago which prompted me to write this. My dad saw her go out a couple of times but saw nothing unusual (not reliable information so I'm taking it with a grain of salt).

A few minutes ago she peed in front of the sliding glass door. The urine itself was dark and there was a spot of blood in the middle. Cleaning this up I noticed it was not completely liquid, it had the consistency of watery egg whites. (Sorry, TMI, but I want to give the information I feel is necessary)

I don't even know where to start with what it could be. I know it's likely some sort of UTI but I can't be sure.

Any and all help is appreciated. I expect to call the vet sometime today but I like to get second opinions.
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I say call the vet now and get her in today. Could be a bad UTI. Or worse-but I don't even know what that could be-stones/crystals? And if the vomit is related? Whatever, get her in ASAP and bring your pen and paper to write down everything they say because we are all going to want to know what this is. GOOD LUCK!
Sounds like a UTI, I would guess the vomitting is due to the discomfort of feeling like she has to urinate when she really doesn't... She needs to see the vet ASAP.

Best wishes to you both!
After reading this, as well as several other articles, I'm pretty sure it's bladder stones.

She has an appointment in 2 hours.

Thanks for the advice.
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I agree, she needs to get to the vet asap. My female aussie had a UTI with Crystals in urine and she had the very same symptoms.

Good luck, and please let us know.
It's a bladder infection, we've already started her on Clavamox and it's taking effect.

However we also found out she has under-active thyroids, which is playing a part in her being overweight. It's going to need lifetime medication, so that's annoying... but oh well.

Thanks all.
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Hailey, at least the thyroid medications are inexpensive!

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