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Both of mine were already altered, but if I had a female not for breeding or showing, I'd get her spayed ASAP and a male....I'd wait probably 2 years and then see.

Is it true that neutering males early can make them be taller and leggy? My male was neutered young and he is so tall and leggy! Also, he has never once lifted his leg. He never humps/mounts anything and doesn't even get "excited" like male dogs, neutered or intact. On one hand, I'm glad he was done so young because he hasn't seemed to have developed any sort of habits like marking or mounting, on the other hand, I wonder if that has contributed to his odd structure that will probably give us problems later on (the vet said we don't have to do x-rays yet because he doesn't show any signs of pain).
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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