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Keeta was about a year old when I had her spayed. We do Schutzhund, so even spayed, she has the energy, stamina and strenght to be a working dog. If Emma is lazy, that could just be her temperament. I jokingly brag about how "buff" my girl is.

I do think that spaying at two months is too early, though I don't know what health effects that could have on a dog.

Are you feeding her weight-control kibble? To reduce the calories, these kibbles usually have a low-fat content, meaning that the fats are replaced by even more grains to make up the bulk. The high-amount of Carbs in these kibbles will often do the opposite, i.e., make the dog gain weight or keep them from loosing weight.

Has she been checked for her thyroid? Low thyroid function will cause fatigue.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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