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Hi Jennifer,

What Jean said is very true:
Quote: Not to mention I could swing through KY shelters and pick up a hundred great GSDs in a month or less. So that adds to the need for exceptional breeding and planning as a breeder in that region.
(I have a beautiful dog to prove it! She's from Bowling Green and there were WAY too many dogs in that shelter when I rescued her.

If Emma is a rescue, I'd never even think of breeding her. The goal of breeding is to better "the dog" or breed line. Without a full knowledge of your dog (again, if she IS a rescue), how can that even be possible? My rescue--who is gorgeous--has 3 different autoimmune disorders! These did not manifest themselves until this past year and I've had her since 2003.

As far as spaying goes, we've always done it as son as was considered healthy by the vets--about 6 months.

Regarding your mix, I think that doggie needs an evaluation from a vet. The spaying should not be making her fat and/or lazy. There are many other possible health concerns and I think you need to have her checked out. Dogs don't express pain and illness like people do. They can be quite "quiet" about their problems as far as crying goes, but problems do show themselves in their behavior or lack of energy. I'd be astonished if your vet blamed an early spay without conducting any other tests.

Good luck with the doggies!
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1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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