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Southern VA / Northern NC Herding Instructors?

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We're getting ready to move to southern Virginia (Gloucester / Yorktown area) at the end of this month.

We would really like to get more into herding, so can someone recommend a good herding instructor that would be within a reasonable drive from that area, like within an hour? Preferably someone who has worked German Shepherds and is familiar with their style of herding.
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Susan told me there is an instructor in Lynchburg - I'm going to have to email her for the information - but as far as I can tell that's the closest o_O

*laughs* When I told her we were going to be moving to southern Virginia to the Gloucester area, she told me about the instructor in Lynchburg as well. I don't think she knows were Gloucester is, because it's on the completely opposite end of the state from Lynchburg, on the coast. Lynchburg would be like 6 hours' drive for me.
bah - lol, I'm kind of point and shoot in VA - I know NoVa, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Charlottesville and Blackstone - I dont really know where anything else is o_O

Is Gloucester closer to the Blackstone area?

Quote:Is Gloucester closer to the Blackstone area?
I guess that depends on how you look at it. *laughs* It's closer than Lynchburg and Roanoke, but it's not "close", per se. Gloucester is in the Hampton Roads / Norfolk / VA Beach / Fort Eustis area - well, it's across the bridge from those, but that's what it's closest to.
ooooo - Okay - yeck - you're all the way on the other end of the state from me o_O I'm on the other side in Roanoke/Blacksburg right now o_O

Yeah. That's why I was wondering why both Susan and you told me about the trainer in Lynchburg.

I probably have a better chance of finding someone in NC, since that would be easier for me to get to than the other side of the State. As you know, there's no "straight shot" to drive from the coast to Roanoke, you have to go up and around, which adds a lot of time to the drive.
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I just started some herding lessons with an Aussie breeder/ trial judge. Let me post her website.

I've only taken my aussie twice, but I really like her, and she seems to have a lot of people coming down there. She does weekend appts, and charges $20 for half hour sessions and $30 for hour sessions. I'm in Hampton and it takes me about 45 minutes to get there.

Hope that helps!
Thanks so much for the link! I will definitely check them out. Mapquest says it would take us about an hour to get there, so it's reasonably close (in my opinion). Do you know if they have experience with German Shepherds or are they mostly experienced with Aussies?

We're moving to Hayes, which is just across the bridge from Yorktown.
Well, I took my gimpy GSD with me, and she had no problems with testing him too, and I've seen corgis there, aussies, a shiloh shepherd and I know she had aussies and border collies..

Her number is on the site, so you can call her up. Let her know Axel & Jax's mom Tammy sent ya
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Camos breeder is in Prospect VA, she has done hearding with his sire, Cohosh.

Here is her site that has her email addy on it

I am sure she could hook you up with somebody....
Thanks so much!
I'll bookmark her page as well and once we're all moved, I'll see if there's a place for us to herd down there!
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