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Southern Tier SchH Club and Empire WDC

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Does anyone have any experience with either of these Schutzhund clubs? I have asked about EWDC before and heard favorable things, but that was over a year ago, so I thought I would revive the thread. I recently found out they are training a bit closer to me.

I also recently found out about Southern Tier. I've had a hard time finding information about them, so was hoping someone had personal experience at the club.
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I have attended numerous seminars with Debbie Z. Her training methods have worked amazingly well for me. I started with her when my first dog was 4 yrs old and we reworked several exericises with good success and results.

I started Dazzle with her method/program immediately and I am very happy with where Daz is in her training.

I found it hard to get SchH clubs to call me back when first looking to get started. I found persistence to be a good thing. I would allow a reasonable amount of time for them to respond and then inquire again. Keep in mind that a lot of times contact people work full time and are training their dogs as well. Not necessarily a nice trait but I wonder too if it is a way for some contact people to screen out the less persistent new people.

If you email, try to be concise and specific with your questions. I have been a contact person for a club in the past and it is hard to make time to respond to very very general questions andn it is hard to get a read on those people who are truly interested and those passing time.
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