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Chemung Valley GSDC

I realize I'm replying to an old thread (sorry). It just happened to come up with an online search so I'm here hoping for help.
I saw people posting about Southern Tier SchH Club and Empire WDC in the Southern Tier of NY.

I am looking for some old friends from a club in the same area.
It was called The Chemung Valley German Shepherd Club and was sanctioned by the GSDCA.
They did training in Elmira and Ithaca, NY

I can't find mention of this club anywhere now. It was at least 25 years ago that I was in it.
In particular I am looking for 2 of the founders named Sally Crookes and Connie Ward, both German Shepherd breeders.
I can't find these people in any searches.
Has anyone heard of the Chemung Valley German Shepherd Club or know of Sally Crookes or Connie Ward?

I appreciate any help.
They were my mentors and I'd love to find them.

It could have become Southern Tier SchH Club for all I know. They were heavily into Schutzhund training.
Please message me if anyone knows anything that could help me.
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