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Hello Everyone,

I have been doing some research for Black and Red GSDs for the past few months. I'm actually from Northern California but somewhat narrowed down to one breeder in Southern California. I just love the way "E-Titan" and his father "Ix" from Germany looks.

SocalGermanShepherds - So Cal German Shepherds - Available Puppies

Titan - So Cal German Shepherds - Titan

Ix - V (BSZS) Ix aus der Birkenschaferei

I've talked to Becky and she's been breeding for 20 years. One thing I noticed when talking to her is that I never felt like she wanted to end the conversation. She was very patient and answered all my noob questions. We talked for an hour about her dogs and GSDs in general. Recently she updated me about both parents being DM cleared.

What do you guys think about this breeder and their dogs? I'm really new to this and am afraid that I choose the wrong breeder and puppies. I only plan to do some obedience training and nothing more than that. I'm looking for a healthy dog with great temperament that I can bring around other dogs and people. I do a lot of fishing and camping and hope to have a new companion.

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. This is a great forum and I've already learned a lot. There's such a wealth of knowledge here. I've been reading this forum for the past 3 weeks. I'm hoping to be a new owner of a GSD and contribute to this forum.

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