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source of dog perscription drugs

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What on-line source do people use for perscriptions? My vet charges $68.00 a bottle for a med. that I can get at another vet office for, get this, $40.00. My usual on line source has it for $58.00. The difficulty with the other vet is that my vet has to call it in -- and it is awkward to ask. Today the more reasonable vet was out. So I am looking for an on-line source. (They fax perscriptions all the time for people.) We use 3 pills a day and these are 50 pill this would be something along the lines of a $500 a year in savings...

ei ei ohhhh help.
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I've found that different sites have good prices on some drugs but you have to shop around. I've used these places for ordering various prescription drugs - GOOD LUCK.

If it's a "human" drug, you might want to check WalMart, Target, etc.
yes, walmart has a human drug called meloxicam aka metacam you can get for 4.00 for a 30 day supply. i am thrilled with that. your vet can call it in.

Before Gabapentin came down in price it used to cost me $3 a TABLET from the vet. I found it much cheaper at (98c a tablet). I always shop around, calling local pharmacies, looking online and first of all checking the Walmart $4 list.

Joanne, Spirit and Eli
Thanks folks. What we're looking for is Vetmedin - following the links (Arycrest) it doesn't seem to get any cheaper than $58. Dog heart medicine. I'm going to talk to her about enalapril which is dirt cheap and might work. Yes, this one (vetmedin) is working but @ 90 tablets a month (3 a day) this is sorta silly unless the other drug doesn't work... I've got Derramax on line now and it is about 1/3 cheaper that way.
Last month the dogs, without any operation or major trama, cost me more than the mortgage! That's with one bill still outstanding. I love my vet but I don't want to send her kids through college or make all her boat payments.
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