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Sometimes My Puppies are sooo Silly!!

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My Female GSD Sacha decided that it would be an awesome idea to bark at something outside, and run head first into the bedroom window, which unfortunatly broke, I am really lucky that she didnt get hurt but it gave me a shock, I didnt think they would be able to do something like that, But I suppose when they want something, they really will do anything to get it!! $135 Aussie dollars later, cant afford for her to keep doing that!! But thank god for no huge vet bills, a window I can fix, but thinking that she could have been seriously injured made me cry

Anyone elses dogs have ever done anything like that??
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We have an old water pipe that sticks out of the ground behind one of our storage sheds. It's only about one to one and a half feet tall, but it's dark in color and really blends into the landscape. A few months ago, Holly was running after one of our other dogs (I forget which one) and ran into the pipe face first! I was shaking with fear as I ran toward her to check her out, but she wasn't even bleeding. She shook it off and kept on going. I was amazed that she didn't break something in her face, but there wasn't even any swelling. She just had a tiny scratch on her muzzle. I guess it's just evidence of how hardheaded she really is!
Several times I came home from work to find Luther (RIP, you big goon) in the yard. I remember the first time furiously going inside to call my husband and tear him a new one for leaving the dog out. Then stopping short that the window was broken. Not a scratch on the dog. No glass inside, obviously broken from the inside out. What happened, I can only guess SQUIRREL!
I was really lucky as I was home at the time when it happened as the window that broke was facing onto the road, I would have been devasted if she had got out, and my little man Kobi would have followed. So now I have a fear of them going near the windows, although I Think Sacha was a little shocked when it happened so she has been pretty good!
When I walk my dogs, I see dogs going ballistic in their houses at the windows, I worry they will do the same thing. One dog is sometimes in the garage, and there are windows that he has cracked or broken, I never see these dogs outside getting exercised, always inside...I guess it is better than on a chain, though.
Dont worry my dogs get exercised everyday and taken to the beach every weekend, they just love to bark, even with the curtains closed!

Not sure what I can do to stop them, so if anyone has any advise in that regard that would be awesome
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If they do this while you are at home, I would suggest teaching her "leave it". Keep a small leash on her, and when she does bark you'll be able to give a small correction.

I would also use a crate when not at home. Just to be safe.

I have just bought a citronella bark collar for one of mine who loves to bark. The great thing about this collar is that it is remote control. I choose when she will get a spray and I can give her a verbal warning before she gets sprayed.
I am thinking of getting crates for the dogs, but as I am at work 8 hours plus an hour to come home, I dont like the thought of them in there for so long, my partner works away for 2 weeks at a time and home for 1 week, so when he is home thats ok. I was also thinking of the citronella bark collar, so possibly we will look into that too, Thanks for the advice
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