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So Ozzy's eating BB puppy kibble, NV Raw, and was on BB Wilderness canned. He ran out so I went to get him Instinct canned. I didn't know it was over $3 for one can of that. So I said never mind to it. I don't mind paying a higher dollar amount for a good food for him, but that's just a bit too much. The Instinct kibble was also pretty expensive, but I was looking at the Welless CORE, so I might get him that instead of the Instinct kibble.

So instead I got him TOTW canned. I gave him the bison and he LOOOOOVED it. I think he really liked the fact that it comes in little chunks, and I liked it because it's only $2 per can. :)

But geez. Even after I think I have everything straightened out, I don't know what I want to feed him! But if he does well on the TOTW canned and the Wellness CORE, I'll probably stick with that. LOL
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