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Something fishy `round here..

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I got a big bag of frozen whole un-smoke Baltic Herring. They are lil fishies the size of your middle finger. Grimm LOVES them. There are no sharp hard fins, just silvery fishy goodness. I toss about 3 in each meal he gets. They are light, small, finger-sized versions of herring.

Do these count as towards his RMB ratio, even if the bones seem so light and soft?

Grimm catches 'em in the air as a snack.. think SeaWorld is hiring?

Should I be careful about how often he gets these, re mercury content?

Anyone have any problems feeding fish-- large or small varieties?
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I dont know much about fishies but they would be considered RMB to an extent.

I have one dog who has fishy sensitivities. I keep trying to monitor what she can and cant handle. She loves her canned fish (Mack, Sardines and Salmon) but *most* other fishies seem to ummm resurface rather quickly with her.
The smaller the fish the less the worry of mercury contamination.
Mine love raw fish--they mostly get raw fresh mackerel and sardines (in addition to the canned varieties of these, which they also get). Fresh sardines are also about the size of a finger, and fresh mackerels are about the 10 inches long.

As Lauri said, the smaller the fish, the better as far as mercury and other contaminants.

Count them as rmb.

If they are cheap, go wild. I pay about $1.89/pound for fresh fish, so they only get about 10 pounds a month--a few bites in each meal.
There's a Russian shop down the street that has collossal hog's heads grinning eyelessly right at you, pig's feet waving in the air from a bed of crushed ice, and jumbo bags of frozen whole fish of all types from the North Sea-- all at scandalously cheap prices. I can get a big 3 lb bag for a lil under 3 bucks.

Do I need to be careful as herring is considered an oily fish.. and Grimm is getting salmon oil already? Or is it a "safe" fat?
Fish oil's the good stuff--any kind. If you can feed enough oily fish you may not even need the $ salmon oil. If Grimm likes and tolerates the herring, and you can buy them cheap, you may have identified a very good menu staple (that I am envious of!!)

Easy to digest, highly nutritious, pure protein (served whole, you've even got your organ meat covered~!) good deal.
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