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I would like to know how one gets in front of your dog and stay there when another dog is fast approaching? We have had a couple incidents out walking and I can see where that might be very difficult if the other dog is unleashed and very aggressive although not so bad if the other dog and your own dog doesn't really want to get into a fight. If both do, good luck!

It would seem to be very difficult to do esp. If one has to do it for a few minutes as the dogs circle each other.

My friend had a pit bull attack her dog (pit off lead and her male GSD on leash) in a parking lot. There was absolutely nothing she could do as the pit was way too fast (and determined!) to block him from her dog. If the pit owner had not come rushing across the lot and physically grabbed his dog, it would have gotten very ugly very fast.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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