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since your dogs are and your friends dogs
are reactive why didn'tyou cross the street? why didn't one
of you ask the man with the Poodle to not to come any closer or
to reel his dog in? i think you should have done something to
avoid the encounter.

I took Dodger and Molly on a walk with my neighbor and her little dog, Hudson. All was going well until Hudson spotted a dog way far up the street and started going nuts, I put Dodger in a head lock because Molly started acting up and she always sets Dodge off and he gets really hard to control, after we calmed him down the dog and his owner approach us, The poodle was on a flexi leash that was all the way out and locked so this dog has about 6 feet of leash while the owner has no control over him. the dog walks up in a very dominate posture and stares me down, I didn't back down, but held my ground; after about ten minutes the dog backs down. the owner asks are they're friendly and I replied not while he's growling like that so he tells his dog "Buddy no" in a not so firm voice while the dog is still growling. I decided his dog isn't going any where neat my two because of his behavior and posture. The poodle did fine with Hudson, probably because he's a small dog. The guy stands over Hudson, who's getting scared and unsure, stares at him then goes to pet him on top of his head, Hudson who is getting scared runs away from the guy and hides behind my neighbor. my whole issue with the meeting was the flexi leash what if his dog attack one of my dogs? the guy wouldn't have had time to control his dog because he had so much leash out. This is why I hate flexi leashes people don't know how to use them properly. :mad:
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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