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Some people amaze me and not in a good way!

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So I was at the pet supply store last night picking up some dog food when a lady walked in with a GSD. Being an owner of a GSD I striked up a conversation with her. Now she was nice but not sure I agree with her dogs approved toys.

I purchased a jute tug shakers for Sasha as it was recommended. While walking out she says to me, let her chew on a 2x4 it has saved my house from being destroyed. Ok maybe watch your dogs. Sasha only gets in to things when I stop keeping an eye on her for a second(Sasha is a puppy still)....Sasha no!, naughty.... just kidding. Lol. Back to the story so this lady proceeds to tell me that they cut little nuggets off the 2x4 so its an inch wide.

I may be wrong but an inch off a 2x4 my dog could choke on plus I don't want Sasha chewing on wood because of splinters.

Just amazes me and she said all her GSD are rescued which is awesome but I don't think wood is good
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Isn't that also bad for the dog's digestive system?
I would assume that's why I told her my dog get approved toys only with a limited she can have if I am not watching closely
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