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Some new photos of Uschi Monster

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Here are a few photos I took this morning of my Uschi. Nothing fancy...

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Geez, she's big! Very pretty girl. Our Uschi has several nicknames- Miss Usch, Her Uschness but I think Stosh would agree with Uschi Monster.
Thanks! And she is 100% monster right now! LOL

How old is your Uschi?
She had her 1st birthday on Oct 3rd- Stosh will be 11mos on Dec 3rd. They were both born on the 3rd of the month so it's easy to remember their birthdays. I wouldn't recommend having two pups at once! It's been an incredible amount of work even though I thought I was prepared for it. Uschi was a very demanding puppy, she's a very strong dog- both her body and personality.
Happy belated birthday to her. :) Definitely easier to remember their b-days when they have the same day of the month. :D

Too Uschi is the same way....strong in her body and her personality. She is constantly testing my patience...but I wouldn't trade it. However...she has cured me of ever wanting another puppy again! LOL
Wow gorgeous :wub: What color is that??
Beautiful! I love her ears.
lookin good
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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