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So we are moving along well with our Raw diet, and she is doing great! Her coat is starting to really shine and colors seem to be getting richer! She loves meal time! She is also putting on some needed weight. Things are great

Her meals consist the following at this point:
chicken rmbs, and chicken om
turkey mm, and turkey rmbs
deer mm
we will be adding beef mm and green tripe this week
next week we will add antelope mm and om.

I would like to add pork, fish, elk and duck.

Each weeks meals my goal is to have 4-5 protien sources. Will this work? At times I think I will be able to provide more when certain things are on hand.

Should I feed green tripe daily or just part of her MM once in a while?

She gets a vit e (400) once daily along with a fish oil soft gel (may switch to salmon oil soon).

What multi-vitamins do you guys recommend and anything else I need to add?

What do you think of our menus?

This week:
chicken quarters and turkey necks for RMB
chicken liver OM
deer, turkey, beef MM
Beef Green Tripe

Thanks for everything!!!
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