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Does anyone use or know of any decent software..preferably free, to use to track vet records? I was going to make a spreadsheet but I can't figure out how to make one.
It would be nice to have a printout of all the vet visits and general health records to bring to the vet.
Or if anyone has any suggestions to keep the records handy that would be great. Thanks!
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I just use Excel and create different pages for things. I also use Word if I want to add more words and describe stuff, include emails to/from the vet, etc.

I find that whenever I think I have it organized, something comes up that doesn't "fit" in how I've organized it!
Hm, I am a software developer, maybe there's a market here
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I too use Excel, have a tabs for food, weight, training and vet (oh and the digestion tab before we had poop to dance about

For some reason I didn't enter last year's, maybe I was afraid
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