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I went through the exact same thing you have been going through VegasResident. My GSD puppy (at the time) had the same look to her poo. LOL I finally took her off all food, fed her the ground hamburger (used paper towels to soak up any fat) and boiled rice for about 5 days. And then started incorporating Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon and Potato dry food. She hasn't had a problem with runny looking poo anymore. Before that my puppy was on a chicken/brown rice puppy formula and was given boiled chicken/rice when she was having poop issues. I would incorporate pumpkin in her diet too and that did nothing. I thought she might have had an allergy to chicken so thats why I switched. There are several salmon or fish flavors in different brands of dog food...give it a try. It can't hurt.

Good luck!
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