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A few Questions:

1. What is your timing with giving the flagyl and the probiotics and what probiotics are you giving? If you are giving them at the same time, then they are interferring with each other.

2. Honestly, as much as you want to give him kibble again, and he does need more food, something is still going on if he has soft poops with a simple bland diet.

3. Instead of rice (grain) and Chicken, did you ever try something grainfree bland. What works for me is Sweet potatoes, canned pumpkin and boiled ground beef (rinsed with water to remove the fat). Since I need to give probiotics between the Flagyl, I would feed 3 meals a day, and a night time snack.
AM: Bland diet, Flagyl
Noon: Bland Diet, Probiotics
PM: Bland Diet, Flagyl
Snack before bed: probotics mixed in with some canned pumpkin.

I know his had a fecal, but did the vet specifically check for Giardia? Normal fecals don't check for that and it is hard to diagnose. It is also easily picked up.
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