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Soft claws for a GSD

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A friend sent me the following note and I was hoping someone could answer her question. Her dog was diagnosed with DM a while ago.
Can you find out if anyone has ever used soft claws on their GSD? I dont know what size to buy for my girl - she drags her feet a bit and her nails bleed. I got the jumbo size because she weighs 110 pounds, and the jumbo is for dogs 70 lbs and up. However, I dont know if they are too big as they do come off easily, although I didn't glue them, yet. The xx large size is for dogs 40-70 pounds, so I would think those would be way too small. Can you see if you know someone who has used these so I know which size is right?
Thanks for any help you can give her!!!
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I've used both on mine. You can cut down the jumbo if you need to. They do come off but my biggest frustration is that the glue dries up.
Ebay has a couple of vendors that sell them pretty cheap.l
Thanks, I'll pass the information on to her!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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