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I just have to brag on my 6 month old GSD, Ammo. Today I walked him to the park with my kids, less than half a mile. He did awesome on the walk and once we got there he was very well behaved. This was one of the first times he has been around so many people, and kids. While we was interested in everyone that walked past he was very good at not jumping or pulling on the leash.

One thing that I did try with him was taking him on some of the playground toys. One of them was a large barrel looking thing that the kids can stand in and make turn. The 1st time he went in it he was a little apprehensive so I got in it with him. After just a couple time of going in it he was jumping in it with the kids and playing in it while it turned.

I'm so happy at how eager he was to try new things. I've never had a dog like this before. Most dogs I have had would have gotten close to something that scared them. Ammo is my 1st GSD and I have to say he is definitely making me fall in love with the breed.

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Ammo in the barrel with my kids.

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