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I posted a couple weeks ago about skylar, and how she'd bark/lunge at dogs and bark at people. So, following advice I have armed myself with hotdogs and gone to parks, shopping center parking lots, the vets office, etc and made her sit and ignore those things, and give her hotdogs for being calm. We have made awesome progress! We had a visitor yesterday, and Skylar came over very excited and gave her kisses!!! She ignores most dogs on walks, and people. We're still working on approaching strange dogs and people, but she is doing SO much better. I'm amazed at the amount of people that understand when i say she'll bark, because she's scared and shy and to just ignore her and give her hotdogs, and they aren't scared and approach her just as I say. It helps so much that people listen and don't judge!!! I'm so happy we caught this early and that i have so many people and dogs to help her learn to ignore everything.
Now we're working on approaching dogs and people that we know.
Very proud of my girl, and it's awesome to see all of my hard work paying off. :)
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