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I don't.

It just makes further training in the future when the puppy grows up and suddenly there are new things to investigate. I'd prefer them to learn from the get go that cords, remotes, etc aren't toys and I ensure there are plently of safe dog toys laying around that they learn to play with. If they start to investigate an inappropriate item, say ah ah or whatever your "no" term is, followed by leave it, then redirect to an appropriate toy.

And of course, pups are only permitted loose in the house when under 100% supervision (this means eyes on the puppy!!) otherwise in x-pen, crate, or tethered to me.
Same method here as well.

Not to mention, having 2 kids means that there will be toys down at kid/puppy level, so the puppy has to learn what is ok to chew and what is not. If I put everything above puppy level, my 2 year old wouldn't have any toys to play with either.
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