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Feeling a bit bummed this morning :0( Went to the vets and in the exam room she hid under me when the vet and his male tec tried to look at her. Granted it was a small space and they are both big guys but he went as far as to call her flighty. Once he stopped activly trying to pet her she walked around the room fine with him in it and when his son came in who was about 8 years old she ran over to kiss him and let him pet her all over. My vet did like the way she loves kids so much, I just hope it's just a phase and our trips out are helping her.....

Just keep making the visits, make sure you don't stress... so make them as happy and fun as you can. TAKE FOOD ALWAYS and keep your puppy hungry before the trip. Make sure you are using REAL treats (generally people food).

You clicker training? Really great method for puppy cause it's immediately a happy positive thing our pups can focus on if they are a bit worried.

Remember they go thru lots of stages and phases and as long as we are aware, and keep up the good work, it's amazing how wonderful our pups turn out! :wub:
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