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Non GSD... This is my one venture into another German velcro breed, and I can say she keeps me on my toes.

23 hours since her last walk, and playing it as a true Southern Belle would, she is Positively Languishing, lol!!

ImageUploadedByPG Free1373674995.355919.jpg

ImageUploadedByPG Free1373675010.684027.jpg

Silly Lillian!! You can drop the drama queen act. Mama had a busy week at work, and it has been over 100 degrees all week so we have kept outdoor time to a minimum, but we are just about to head out for our daily walk and bring home Deakon (a colleague's Aussie living 3 blocks south), Lillian's former housemate and secret BF... He is our houseguest for the weekend! We love Deakon!

I swear, my GSDs have expressive eyes, but the wigglebutt Weim really works it with her exaggerated eye rolling, *and* with every muscle in her body, lol!

Get the leash!!

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