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snorty throat clearing - white foam in one nostril

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I will take Skye to the vet if this continues, but wondered if anyone has some experience with this strange condition.

Skye has been a little lethargic for a few days, but still eating (had to hand feed her a few bites this morning, but ate OK tonight) and drinking. Just not her usual energy. I even subbed Buddy for Skye's therapy dog visit since she seemed not up to par.

This afternoon, she began an almost throat clearing type cough. She is fine for a half hour or more, then starts the 'snorty', throat clearing sound again. When I gave her her eye meds tonight, I noticed one nostril was a little drippy with white foam.

Skye has immune deficiency problems - pannus and regular allergy shots. This may be nothing, but I am a worrier. (Not professionally like Jean, but right up there

I was thinking maybe small burr or something caught in her throat? Then I googled the symptoms, and read some scary things.

Anyone have experience with this? What was it in your case?

I should add that Skye is 4.5 years old, up to date on everything and is on year round heart worm meds and flea/tick treatments. She had her teeth cleaned just a couple of weeks ago and I had blood work run first - everything came back in the normal range.

Thanks for yor input - I appreciate it.
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Maybe a URI or something like kennel cough?
Several of the shelters we work with seem to have chronic upper respiratory infections going around and we regularly see dogs with snotty noses or coughing. Usually clears up on its own or with antibiotics. When they diagnosis KC they usually give us antibiotics and a decongestant.

She's probably been vaccinated but maybe with her lower immune system she picked up a bug somewhere?
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Re: snorty throat clearing - white foam in one nos

Jeez, I fear I may lose my professional worry certification. Well, not because I haven't let my mind wander to some scary health issues, but because none of them make sense. A RI makes sense. Right?

Wonder if she has a fever. Huh...

Keep us posted-I hope that someone will say oh! white foam! someone put too much soap in (remember that Brady Bunch with the washer) her bath! Something nice and easy like that would be nice.
Re: snorty throat clearing - white foam in one nos

Thanks, Pupres - URI is certainly possible. Her nose is not really 'snotty', more foamy. I would be surprised if it was a KC - it isn't at all a dry sound, but still something to think about. She assists me with dog classes and is around other dogs regularly, but none of them have been ill.

She actually has auto-immune problems, not low immunity. I did not say that correctly.

Thank you for responding. I haven't slept much listening for her but she is having a good night and the snorfeling is not escalating at all.

Jean-that's it! She had a bath about a week ago. She must have drunk the shampoo!

Actually, she does feel a little warm to me, at least her tongue seems warm when she licks me.

Nothing makes sense to me, either and I must say, with all your veterinary experiences, I am relieved that you are as puzzled as I am.

The sound is quite a wet sound and makes me wonder if the foamy stuff is all the way down her throat. Since I am not holding her head up, opening her mouth and shining a light into her, I think your status as Cheif Worrier is safe.

Hmmm - maybe I should try that?
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Re: snorty throat clearing - white foam in one nos

I talked to a vet here in NJ recently and she warned us (SAR team) that a canine Flu was going around. A trip to the vet might be worth it. Her symptoms sound similar to what the vet described as flu.
Maybe a blade of grass stuck up there, or a fungal infection -aspergillosis? I remember one dog with a white foamy discharge that had a big blade of grass stuck in his nasal passage, and a dog with aspergillosis with similar symptoms. But I do remember that one that had a more thick, foamy, blood-tainted nasal discharge that would fly everywhere when he snarfed.... (sorry so graphic!).
That's OK - I don't mind the graphic description. That's what I need to hear.

So far, Skye's has no tint of blood in it, but is in both nostrils now. She rarely sneezes it out, more throat clearing. I think she is swallowing it which can't be good on her stomach.

I called my vet and they are closed. They always have one on call, but since they will be in tomorrow I am just keeping a close eye on her.

I laid my head on the side of her chest several times last night and I hear no wheezing or gurgling. It all seems to be in either the nasal passages or throat.

She does like to eat grass, so I am still wondering about something caught in her throat or nose.

She didn't eat this morning except a few pieces by hand. I think it just irratates her condition.

I haven't ruled out an emergency appointment if necessary and I do know my way to the emergency vets in Columbus, also.
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I just talked to my vet (couldn't stop worrying) and feel a little more reassured. He feels Skye has the same sinus/uri that I have been fighting.

He did say that if it continues to progress quickly, or she has any problem breathing to call him back and he would meet me at the clinic.

Otherwise, I am to bring her in first thing in the morning. He knows Skye well, so I feel we are Ok to wait until morning.

Thanks for the replies.

Pupres - Sounds like you may be the diagnostic winner.

Jean - I can't believe he didn't mention too much suds in her bath. Maybe he didn't see the washing machine episode of the Brady Bunch.
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I've now found a large, circular lump near Skye's shoulder. It seems to be in the skin as I can feel all around it. Not near where where she would get shots or anything, possibly unrelated.

Discharge is still white and foamy - no blood.

I am sure this is nothing, but am concerned about possible heart problems.

I'll be glad for morning to get here.
UPDATE snorty throat clearing

Just back from the vet. Skye's nose and snorting are still not 100% diagnosed. Could be a simple cold/sinus problem or even a form of KC.

Her temp was elevated, but not extreme.

Biggest concern was for heart and lungs. Xrays were "not bad - but not good either." She had no accumulation of fluid around either, but her heart was 'tall' which the vet said is sometimes normal for deep chested dogs.

Her esophegaus and trachea are 'set high' (?) and could have pressure on them at times causing a cough, but trachea is in good shape.

He wants to keep an eye on both heart and lungs.

He took an Xray of her belly and lower intestines too and all looked very good.

Surpisingly, while I was there Skye dripped urine and a test showed a uti. That is the probable cause of of her lethargy and lack of appetite. She has never shown the symptoms my older dog used to when she had a bout of UTIs off and on for a couple years.

So home again with antibiotics for the UTI until the pills are gone, steroids for the cough (precautionary) and I am supposed to just give them for 2 - 3 days to see if it clears up.

She also got a penicillen shot and cried like a girl - which she is. The vet apologized. She was ok with the needle but the med burns and Skye didn't like it. Good thing she is mellow, so she just yiped and wanted a hug.

We'll see what the first of the week brings - if the cough is not gone by Tuesday they want to see her again.

By the way - the cost for this with Skye's 25% therapy dog discount?

$129.00 for the vist, two xrays, two bottles of meds and a shot.
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Re: UPDATE snorty throat clearing

Wow, good catch on the UTI. Hope she feels better real soon.

Hopefully with the abx, everything will clear up and she will feel better.

Question about the lung xrays. Were they clear, or did they have white wispy strands in them?
Re: UPDATE snorty throat clearing

Lisa - I didn't see them. My vet just said they had no signs of fluid build up. I know when my other dog had congestive heart failure I was shown the xrays of the enlargened heart and all the fluid in her lungs.

What would the wispy threads show? I will be talking to the vet in 2 days for follow up.

Skye feels amazingly better already after just getting the shot and first meds several hours ago. She wolfed down her supper and initiated a little play with my golden.

The meds are SMZ - TMP 960's (?) for the UTI and Temaril-P for the cough.

BTW - glad to see you back and appreciate your input.
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Re: UPDATE snorty throat clearing

That's exactly what our vet uses for KC and URIs. Hopefully her perkyness means her bug is responsive to those meds. Great news!

Probably you know this but if she starts feeling a lot better, you may want to restrict her activity some just to be safe. We had a foster home with a litter of pups with URIs that went to pneumonia without any obvious signs (they seemed better) until they were running around her yard and the littlest one's lung capacity couldn't keep up with her activity, she started gasping and died. It was horrible.

I realize these were puppies (and Peke puppies at that) so the risk of anything like this with Skye is next to nil but it has made me really cautious about letting them exert themselves until they got a clean bill of health.

Now that I've told you a horrible story and stressed you out, I will add that that was the one and only time we've seen anything like that and we see URIs a lot. Every other time, we start treatment, they get better, no problems! Hopefully that'll be Skye's story too!
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Re: UPDATE snorty throat clearing

just out of curiousity, did the vet check her tonsiles? the symtoms sound like tonsilitis. Neka had tonsilitis and she had the same sypmtoms. but, if antibiotics are being given it should take care of it.

Re: UPDATE snorty throat clearing

No, he didn't check her tonsils (unless he took a look while in the xray room.)
I would never have thought of tonsilitis!

She is only occassionally clearing her throat today and her nose is almost dry.

Pupres - I agree about limiting activity for awhile. Reminds of when my boys were kids - as soon as they began to feel good they wanted to rough house. I'll keep her quiet for a week or so.

Thank you all for your good thoughts and info.
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Lisa T - help wobbley leg throat clearing

Lisa T - I hope you see this soon.

Tonight Skye's had an elevated fever again, but she ate OK and her bm is normal, a little waxy looking..

Then she tried to get up and yelped. When she stands, she acts like like her legs hurt and has to get them situated under her. It took several tries to bend to drink water. She does not want to stand - sits very crooked as if she is in much pain.

I am beginning to suspect that everything she has going on is due to tick or lyme disease.

I will be calling the vet soon, but was hoping you would see this and let me know if this sounds possible to you?

FYI - she also has a knot on her shoulder just to the right of her right shoulder. Seems to be just in the skin.

Does any of this make sense? I am getting very frightened and need to know what to ask my vet.

Thank you.
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Re: Lisa T - help wobbley leg throat clearing

Bonnie, I'm sorry I didn't read your posts sooner. Poor Skye.
No help with the pain in her legs but I hope you have contacted the vet and hear back soon. Please keep us updated about her progress, until then hugs to both of you.
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Re: Lisa T - help wobbley leg throat clearing

Thank you, Marlene;

I spoke with Skye's vet about a half hour ago. He wants her in first thing in the morning to begin blood work and other tests.

He said that with this new development that Lyme disease or another autoimmune illness are both possibilities.

I am afraid for Skye, but we will get through this, just as we are working through her pannus.

It's difficult to see her in pain and the symptoms seem to come on so rapidly.

Thank you as always for your kind words.
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Re: Lisa T - help wobbley leg throat clearing

Now is when I worry about aspergillus. It was one of my little things I was thinking of when I read it (among other crazy thoughts).

I hope it is something simpler. In fact, I doubt it is that, but it's one of those weird things I always mention to my vet just to get it out there and ruled out.

It could be a big, fat infection. Remember when Nina had that abcess-she couldn't walk, wouldn't eat, etc. It was very odd.

Kramer also had a RI once and was stumbling, etc.

But glad you and your vet are on it. I thought it was all better.
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Re: Lisa T - help wobbley leg throat clearing

OMG. No sleep tonight. Skye fought a nasal bacteria several months ago in her left nostril. It looked very similar to those pictures and took weeks to clear up using various, expensive drugs.

I posted about that problem at the time.

Thank you for the link - I will mention this to my vet tomorrow.
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