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Just tire them out and associate the whole toddler experience with something positive. How bout some quality treats? (0_o)

On a different note, I would also work more on obedience towards a solid recall. The whole dragging the dog away thing isn't really helping the positive picture.

Great snapshot of the dogs and baby.

I agree with everyone who promotes socialization. I also agree with the above regarding obedience training on a recall. But a strong LEAVE IT command is in order here IMO. The dog should not be allowed to charge up to anyone, particularly a baby.

When my daughter was a year old and just walking, we brought home our GSD. I kept him on a leash at all times and waited for that moment when his interest/prey drive kicked in. She toddled off and he bounded after her. One very strong leash correction and a firm leave it helped him understand that chasing baby was never allowed.

May not work for others but I wanted to make sure the dog was very clear that children were not there for his amusement.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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