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I am very curious about this as well...our GSD is the same way around small children. She gets a very intent look on her face and will bark and lunge toward them. We found out she would nip at them (herding style) when given the chance and she hasn't been off leash with them since.
She does fine with kids old enough to be calm around her (4 and 5 even), but I am very nervous even having her on leash around little ones because she sounds so scary. When I had her in her crate and was playing with a 10 month old within her sight, she would bark and jump every time the mom picked up the little girl.
Right now it's not a huge issue, we just keep her on leash or crated when we have friends with kids over, but I would like to work on it because we can't always control the circumstances on walks, etc.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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