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Babies SMELL different than adults, they stagger, they fall, they SOUND different than adults. Dogs need to be socialized well around babies.

Actually, putting a muzzle on the dog and having the baby pet the dog is not a bad idea. Try to do it so that the baby and the dog are not traumatized during this process. Have the baby pet the side or butt of the dog, and not go for the head at first.

Use a crate, not just putting them in a room, put them in a crate or kennel and lock it if you must. You must keep the baby safe. that is the best way to keep your dogs safe.

Dog kid interaction should be one dog and one kid and a few adults that the dog knows. When it is used to the baby, you can add more people. When both dogs are used to the baby, you can try letting them both out, but some dogs will pack up when they are together, and that could mean, that the little intrudor may not be welcome. Then, back to one dog at a time.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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