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small Gracie brag!

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Today Gracie and I left the house at 6:15 AM (ugh) and trekked to an American Herding Breed Association (AHBA) trial. It was great fun! Gracie passed the first leg of her HCT (Herding Capability Test). She got a nice green ribbon! Since this was my first competition, I had no idea what to expect. My camera was in the car the whole time so there are no pictures
Gracie went willingly with the judge, sat and platz when she was told to. She was not wild and crazy (was that really MY dog?!!!). The judge was very pleased, said she has great potential. She did not enter the second leg as the judge felt she did too much circling and would not pass the second leg. That's okay. We had a blast just being there!! There and back in 5 hours.....temperature was 76 when I left and was 92 on the way home (ugh). Glad to be back.

Thanks for letting me share!!
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Cool! Are you going to keep it up?

Good job ladies!!
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Herding is really fun for these guys!

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Thanks everyone! It was very exciting.

D&K's mom -- yes, we're planning on keeping it up. Not entirely sure where we'll train or what form we'll do, it's all so confusing -- HGH, AHBA, AKC.....but in some fashion, Gracie will continue to herd. It's just for fun - little ribbons are a bonus!!
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Congrats!!!! Sounds like a really fun time!

Wow Jen! How exciting for you and Gracie! Congrats!
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That's awesome!!
I wish there were more places to do herding around here.
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