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Small for her age

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Diabla is considerably smaller than what the growth chart says and even compared with pics of other pups of her age, weighting about 7 kg (15,5 pounds) at 12 weeks.

Not that I'm really worried, since otherwise she is healthy, filled but with a nice waist, very active and eats like a horse. I'm wondering, could this have something to be with her being Working Lines instead of the huge German Show lines I'm more used to see?
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Are her parents standard size? If she's healthy, then she will probably just grow at her own pace. I've seen litter mates that were very different in size as puppies, but ended up about the same size as adults.
Nope, it isn't a working lines thing at this age-- it's just an individual puppy thing! And at her age, do not worry about what the chart says if she is healthy, has no ribs showing, no potbelly to denote worms, and you know she is eating well. She could end up being large, medium, small-- no way to tell at this age.. it's too early.
Pups really just grow at their own pace, and the best is when the growth is slow and constant.. not the usual bursts of growth we see in many dogs fed puppy forumla kibble.
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My youngster was exactly the same weight at the same age. He is working lines and both mum and dad are breed standard height but slim and lean in terms of build and weight. We don't expect to be huge!!

He has constantly been under the weight chart 'official' line but the Excel sheet on here is fab as it gives real alternatives. Kai has consistently sat between adult weight of 25 and 30 kilos.
There is another spreadsheet somewhere although I can't find it which gives various weights on it and tracks against them. Hopefully someone else will know what I am talking about and be able to give the link!
Both parents are within standard in height, but as Jayne's pup parents they are very lean. I knew a relative of Diabla's sire and at two years he should have been no more than 30 kg. too.

I have the Zeus chart and adapted it to kilograms
It's great.
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a 4 3/4 month old female weight and height question!

Hello, I'm a newbie here and I have a female 4 3/4 month old beautiful german shepherd named Beauty! She is currently 44.5 lbs and is 20.5 tall. Can anyone tell me what she'll max out by the time she's grown? Her mother was about 65 lbs but her daddy was a big boy at 95 plus lbs.:eek:
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