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We have this new dog now, Sheba, a 3 yo GSD girl. She is very friendly and just wants to play w/ other dogs, but she plays rough and I worry about her w/ small ones. Not sure if she sees them as toys or playmates, but even if she just plays, it might be too much for a little dog.
However, we walk daily in a popular park, and unfortunatelly not every other dog is on leash. This is something i have learned to lived with, nothing can be done about that.

So... how do I teach her to ignore other dogs off leash?

I mean when they run over in her personal space and lounge/bark/snarl, it would be cool if I didn't have to worry about what can happen. I try to position myself between them and she is always on leash, but as we all know, this does not prevent others from running over.

Today actually an old lady with a little terrier came across us, little on off leash of course, running over to meet & greet, me telling her to please leash him. Lady: coming, but see I am so old I can not run as fast as he can. Me: well then maybe you shouldn't let him off leash?
Answer: Shut up.
Yep, that's exactly what she said.

So, see, the only thing I can do is to teach Sheba that no matter what, she has to ignore others. Obviosly people like this lady will never see the wrong in their deeds.
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