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This hint came to me from one of our adopters. His dog got skunked, while in Texas. Someone suggested scope mouthwash. He thought they were pulling his leg, but it really worked. Since then, I have kept Scope in the house for my dog. Any time she even rolls in anything stinky, I wipe her down with the mouthwash. Don't know why it works, but sure glad it does.
My Abby got skunked at about midnight, a couple weeks ago. I ran to google and found the scope advice, but the one I found said to use Head&Shoulders shampoo afterward. I'm a Listerine guy so that's all I had for mouthwash, so I used it.
I wasn't expecting much, but being midnight, and a way out in the middle of nowhere, I was desperate because she's never spent a night outside and I'm not setup at all to start like that.
Well, It didn't totally eliminate the smell, but I was surprised that it did deaden the smell enough that she could sleep in the mudroom and not bother us at all. The next morning I got some "Natures Miracle skunk odor remover", and it worked great for getting the rest.
We were bathing her no more than 5 minutes after she got it, so that probably had an effect on how well it worked as well.

I was told later by someone that using a beer for shampoo will also do the trick, but I've never used it, and with any luck won't have to.
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