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Skunk smell.

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FYI, Allie was sprayed by skunk today. The tomatoe juice did not work. So we used peroxide 3% (1 quart), 1/2 box of baking soda, and some dish soap. She smells good. I very gently used it around her snout. Rinsed well with warm water. What a crazy weekend!
P.S , The emergency kit came in handy!
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I've heard that this is the only real solution to skunk spray. I've (luckily...knock on wood) never had to use it, but I've been told it works best when applied to a dry coat. If you wet them down first it spreads the oil based skunk spray.
I used that same recipe on a rescue dog who came to us smelling of skunk. Seemed to work well. Warning - it stings.
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