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Just a short little story, something Koda did that made me chuckle...

When we go on walks, I try to test his obedience...Make sure he's paying attention to me and will do what I ask if necessary, you know? So, usually whenever we get to a street corner and need to cross, I stop and either make him "sit", or even "down" sometimes. I don't like to ask him twice to do something, either, I'm very strict with him because I know if I'm inconsistent or slack off, he's has such a dominant personality that he could become unruly. Well, on our way back from our morning/afternoon walk, he decided he was going to test me, despite the fact that he was doing very well for the whole walk...

We get to the last street corner that I can test him at and I say..."Sit". Koda begins to sit, but stops halfway so his butt is elevated about a foot from the ground. I look down at him and I say..."Koda, that's not acceptable, you know what I'm asking". His butt starts to descend a little more, but he's still not completely sitting. So I go, "Hey, you, sit down"...He immediately puts his butt to the sidewalk and let's out an exasperated sigh.

Haha, I'm pretty sure Koda speaks English. :p He was like a stubborn little kid who didn't want to listen to his Mom. After I said to him that his seated position was not acceptable and told him to put his butt to the concrete, he listened.

He's very intelligent. I thought Riley was smart, but Koda seems to know what I'm asking even if I say it in a whole sentence... :)
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