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Sirius randomly stopped limping

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Thank you to all who gave me advice on my GSDs wierd limping issue. I wrote about 5 months back about my shepherd who was limping on one of his front legs and the vet had done tick panels and x-rays but come up with nothing. Well I had a more extensive tick disease panel done and still nothing. About 2 months ago he just stopped limping and I slowly started his exercise routine again and he is doing great. It was really wierd but thanks to all for the advice. -Rick
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How old is Sirius? It sounds like he was suffering from a bout of pano - it happens in GSDs when they are growing quickly. My girl went through it several times from 5 thorugh 11 months. It may come back again, Rick, so don't panic - once it happened once or twice for Gracie I didn't even call the vet the latter times! You can search this forum about pano to get additional info. Good luck!!
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