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silver/grey puppy

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Just was curious about something, my boyfriends Aunt is on a waiting list for a puppy from the breeder we got our Bogart from.
Unfortunately there were only 3 pups born, and one didn't make it. Of the two surviving pups, one is a silver/grey color. The breeder said in the 23 years he's been breeding he's never seen a pup that color. I have a pic I'll try to post later. He plans on keeping this girl
Has anybody ever heard of this? His dog's are all black and tan.

Here are the pics

Bogart's Mom

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OMG that color is beautiful
Wow beautiful colour, rare colour.
I believe it will be a blue color as well a blue/tan
I think blue (like liver) is a dilution, so the dog is genetically black and tan but everywhere that would normally be black is blue instead. I believe it's autosomal recessive, so both parents must be carriers to get a blue pup.
That looks to be a blue. A breeder on another list just posted he litter of 12 with three blue pups.
I want one that blue is beautiful
I checked out the link
and Brady has a blue highlight in his black coat
Yep, the puppy is "blue". I really hope the breeder isn't planning on keeping it so they can BREED it later.
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don't think so, think he just wants to keep her because she's so unique
No "might" about it - this is definitely a dilute blue puppy. The breeder is very lucky to not have had one before, and while she is really pretty at this stage, and she may darken up to look "almost" black - but as others note - blue is NOT a "rare" color but a UNDESIREABLE color in the breeding end....I hope your aunt is in a position to encourage the breeder to not breed the pup, but to place it in a pet home where it can be spayed. She should make just as nice a companion dog as her non-dilute black and tan littermates!

I know of someone who has brother and sister. Well they hooked up mistakenly while owner was on vacation, and vet advised to let her give birth. Luckily only three pups were born and one is a blue. This person kept him and another due to the inbreeding, gave the third pup away to a family member. I am going over there tomorrow and will hopefully get a picture, the pups are about 3-4 mos. now.
These are the pics of the above dogs. Both parents are black.

black pup w blue pup. Blue was 20# at 8 weeks, they are now 11 weeks old in these pics:

Mom is in the background, we had a full day of rain yesterday so everyone is dirty!
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At 11 weeks those ears on both pups aren't up. Both parents have strong ears. The reason I went there was because of a 5 yr Am. line male that they decided to adopt ( 1 wk ago, DH works with previous owner, poor boy was to be put down;((, and they decided that after a week, he wasn't going to fit into the dynamics of their pack. So are going to re-home him to the other interested party(horse farm, inside dog with a GSD girl as the only other dog) I hope and pray that this re-home boy gets a great working forever home!
Update: They are looking for a home for that cute lil black pup....he is very sweet and loving, another hope and prayer for him(who they never named:(
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those eyes just melt your heart in the first pic
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As an owner of a blue/tan shepherd, I can say they are beautiful dogs. As for it being an "UNDESIRABLE" color, personally (and I am not a breeder) I think its bs. Just my opinion.

I do agree with Wolfstraum that its not a "rare" color and the more people associate the word "rare" with the blue's the more "wanna be" breeders there will be trying to make money on them. Same goes for the Livers.
The theory is that there are other linked genes to the recessive blue that can cause health problem....I said THEORY!!! Who knows...! As far as ears, heavier - thicker leather - ears take longer to stand...I have a litter now where the pure black is the only pup whose ears aren't up - some were up at 5 weeks, the ones with littler ears.

I think the solid blue is gorgeous! BUT - as a breeder - I would discourage anyone breeding them intentionally as it is NOT to the standard. Period. My friend has a blue Weim - also IMO much much prettier than the taupe ones....but again, puppy mill foundling (on roadside!) traced to an Amish puppy farm - has other genetic issues including a deformed bladder urethea....

Hoping they spay mom and blue girl, find a good home for the boy, and they all enjoy a long happy life as pampered pets

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Quote:As an owner of a blue/tan shepherd, I can say they are beautiful dogs. As for it being an "UNDESIRABLE" color, personally (and I am not a breeder) I think its bs.
I agree! Such as it is, treasure the ones you come across. And BTW, post more pics of your blue dude. I'd love to see more!
Funny you should say that Diana! LOL I just posted a ton of them on his where are they now thread.
Sasha2008 Is right those eyes, Will melt anyone.
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