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SIBO contagious?

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I remember reading on here a year or so ago that there was someone convinced that SIBO could be contagious. I had never, ever heard that before so I didn't pay it much thought. Has anyone else ever heard this from a vet or other trusted source?

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Molly has it and I have never heard that it is contagious. I have always been told it is most likely genetic.
No it is not contagious.

At least in all the thousands of research articles I have read and out of all the vets I have talked to (including specialists) it has never been said to be contagious.
that's what i thought. as i said, i has never heard it before or since.

That's a new one on me, never heard or read anywhere that it could be contagious. Kelly never gave his SIBO to any of the other Hooligans. After dinner all the Hooligans check out, clean, all the dinner bowls, drink out of the same water bowls, sleep in the same areas, pick up dropped treats, etc.
It's not contagious.
What exactly is SIBO? Is "SIBO" an acronym for something? My sons 3-4 yr old male GSD has chronic diarrhea. The vet ruled out parasites and said the next tests he would do will get expensive.
SIBO = Small Intestine Bacterial Overload. Did your vet do the giardia antigen test? It's more accurate that the usual giardia test, and many of our dogs had negative results until we had the antigen test run.

Other tests for chronic diarrhea would be the TLI test for EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), and the cobalamine/folate test for SIBO. They're both blood tests and the blood needs to be drawn after at least a 12 hour fast for accurate results.

There are more invasive tests, such as running a scope to look for IBD, but I'd do these first.
SIBO is an acronym for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. It can be diagnosed with a bloodtest done at Texas A&M.
Originally Posted By: Cassidys MomSIBO = Small Intestine Bacterial Overload.
Oops, Gayle is right - it's overgrowth, not overload. Should remember that since Keefer had it.
SIBO does not have the ability to be contagious, because it is an overgrowth of the normal, beneficial bacteria in the individual dog's stomach. It's not a bacterial or viral illness or infection that could be spread, it's the overproduction of normal bacteria in the digestive tract.
And it can be acute or chronic.

Havoc has chronic SIBO which means he is off and on Tylan powder depending on whether is is flaring up or not.
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