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i have been asked to organise a training day where participants might chip in and pay for a decoy to run scenarios for our dogs and train us how to use a suit.

neeed a critical mass to make it worthwhile, i am not running a charity, but am not looking at a profit. there will be some ex-millitary wanting to look at dogs as well.

i propose a venue i hope to get, an archery club in the bush about 3 hours west of bris-vegas. lots of hidey-holes, the focus thus far will be on search and bite inside buildings and in a natural environment and defence of handler. not a competition but development and testing so dogs at various stages welcome.

have 2 definates and some maybe's, haven't actually advertised other than this.

anyone with any training scenarios please post them, any aussies want to join in, be good to actually show in front of yr peers what you got and record on film.

a lot of internet talk about who's who and what's real and what's not, time to shut up and show us yr dog i feel, i only wish a few in other places could be involved as well.

any tips on running such an event welcome.

no peds or papers required, flexi-leashes welcome :D

be good to see a US version for members here, i know the decoy i will chip in to attend.
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