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showing signs of being territorial...?

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Rajko(almost 4 months old) has done a ton of bonding with me, my family, and some close friends in the time that I have had him. He is an extremely playful, well socialized, sweet pup to everyone that he meets both friends and strangers, big and small.

I am starting to see little hints of him being protective/territorial with his "pack". For instance, we were hanging out on the front lawn last night at my friends house, and across the street(about 100 feet away) a woman was fumbling with her trash cans at the side of her house. Rajko perked right up, gave a little growl, and then a few barks. He didn't make any attempt to approach her at all, just sat there next to me and did that.

Another example is about 5 minutes ago, as I sit here on the computer next to my open window, Rajko is near my feet in his crate asleep. It sounded like a kid ran by outside, cause I could hear footsteps on the sidewalk. Rajko woke up, gave another deep growl, and a quick bark, and then relaxed. Similar to last night.

Is this normal behavior for 4 months old? Like I said he exhibits zero aggressiveness to any human being ever, he's only done these things at times when something was "strange" in sound or appearance...I wonder if he can sense it in me that something is peculiar.
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Could be fear based. That's normal for a pup (fear and NOT protectiveness at that young age). He's at the right age to be going through a fear stage.
I thought about that. I wasn't sure though, because to my untrained eye he looks completely confident. Ears perked up, but still relaxed body, both of these times he remained laying down, and just lifted his head up and looked very focused. Still think it could be fear?
Maybe that's what fear looks like in a confident little guy! And nothing was close enough to really cause him to puff up or show obvious fear...more like, hey, I'm over here, you stay over there!
Nope for Jesse he will be 7 months tomorrow and can sit out front with me and adults and kids can walk by and neighbors doing things on their properties and he just watches them silently. He has started barking if in the house but only in evening when the raccoons come out, he doesn't like them on the fence and expresses his displeasure.
i have noticed this with tyson. (he is now 6 months and some change) he plays nicely with other dogs, WHEN we are on there property. when they are on his (MY) property, he shows very dominant gestures and behavior. once the other pup/dog has submitted they place just fine and tyson will play on his back sometimes, kind of like a "we are friends now and i will play this way." thats just something i have observed
My puppy who is now 5 1/2 months started showing some protective behavior in last 3 weeks. When in the house if she hears a strange sound outside such as gardners working she will bark, she has a great bark but don't want her to scare too many people. Sometimes she barks when there isn't anything that I can see outside or if the neighbor pulls into her driveway. Should I train her to be quiet or just let her do her thing?
I wouldn't say that Qadira was exhibiting protective behavior, she's way too young. It may not be fear though, it may be her way of letting the top dog (a.k.a you) know that someone or something is happening inside or outside near the home or pack. You could train her to be quiet, but I'd rather my dog alert me, just in case someone tried to break in.
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