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Last weekend I took my 1/2 German boy out to a puppy match at a club picnic. Yes, this was a specialty and I did not expect Rushie to do good (mostly American bred dogs there). I am a novice, and he at nearly two and a half has never been in a conformation ring. I did not groom him specifically for this either, and since my brother has longer legs, I made him take him in the ring.

Sounds disasterous, well, it was. My brother has never shown dogs either -- he has shown rabbits and horses, so I figured he knew as much if not more than me about it.

Perfect is in heaven and it wouldn't have been so bad if half way through, I noticed that Rush's tail was bent under him between his legs. He left it there too, until he started walking again.

I mentioned it to my brother when we were driving home. He said the dog was fine until the judge came up and inspected his parts. It never dawned on me that that could be traumatic.

If I ever choose to show again, at least a boy, I will start the little booger out at eight weeks having that once over by the judge.
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