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Show Seasons Almost Here!!

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Is anyone else chomping at the bit to get in the show ring?
We have to wait until March to get our tails back in there. We've had plenty of time for excercise and coat conditioning so we are hoping to do really well this year!

So far we're planning on the Piedmont Kennel Club shows and the GSDCGC Specialties in Charlotte.

Anyone else coming to either of those??
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Molly won't be showing in the states for another year yet. I was having serious withdrawl when Grace had her pups lol. We started up again 2 weekends ago but our next show isn't until Feb 22-25
....I'm counting days lol., and praying for a balmy weekend. I hate wearing a dress when it's cold.
Well good luck when you get back in there!!!

I havnt decided what I'm going to be wearing in the ring this year....
Heading to the ring in April here. May hit a March match for a little warm up!!
Are you coming to the Southeast Futurity in Forest City, AR? I grew up in the GSDC of Memphis club and will be helping out at the shows.
I'm not. I will be staying local this season.

Daphne, have you ever shown at Bel-Clair fair grounds? My husband grew up on Church st, beside it and his aunt still lives there.
Quote:Daphne, have you ever shown at Bel-Clair fair grounds? My husband grew up on Church st, beside it and his aunt still lives there.
Lots of times. I have done my share of winning there too. Doll finished her championship there last year.
Thats to cool! I have never been to a show there but I did see that they hold them there. We only go up once every couple years now.
Well, now you know, if you see some crazy lady on the street next to it, screaming and chasing after a Chihuahua, that would be my aunt.... from marriage of course LOL!
I can't wait. I've got my new guy and I hope he'll be ready. Our debut will be at West. Penn Kennel Club on 3/30 (I think). We've been going to class every week, but he haven't been out conditioning yet. I just can't take the cold.
11 days and counting lol. Oh and I have the numbers for all 4 days
Feb 22 2-4-1-0
23 4-5-1-0
24 6-8-1-0
25 5-6-1-0
Today, then tomorrow and then... IT"S SHOW TIME!!!!!!!!
for 4 days
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Good Luck!!!
Hi Melissa,

I will be at the Charlotte specialties the end of March. Not sure who I am entering yet though ;-) Hope to see you there. I love their shows and show site.
The following weekend I will be up in Delaware Valley for the Mid-Atlantic Futurity/Maturity.
I'm excited!!!

Good Luck at your shows everybody!!!
Catherine I am soooo ecited!!

We have met before in Greenville. I have the big sable boy who was just starting out last year. I cam eto the match that your club held.

I dont know if Im putting Camo in the Charlotte specialty. But I am definently coming to support our club.
If my handler decides to go, I may give it a shot.... or may even BEG Lynda to take him in
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Yep, I remember meeting both of you. We missed you guys this year. We had a great time this past weekend!!
Lynda won't be in Charlotte but Gene will, you can beg him LOL :))
I coming to support the club, and to give my handler a chance to work T before the Maturity.
Ahhhh yay!!! I just found out that Paige is coming to Charlotte to handle for me so it looks like Camo will be in the ring FINALLY!!

I dont think I am putting him under Hamm. He sounds like he wouldnt put Camo up because of his 1 missing tooth. Dont want to waste an entry fee.

Still undecided about the specialties/ab in Raleigh 2 weeks before Charlotte though.
Originally Posted By: CMorton We missed you guys this year.
We'll be there this summer I'm sure....

And now that I have a handler, I wont have to beg Gene LOL! Lucky him huh??!!
Oh good, I've been wanting to meet Paige!!
Wonder if she would handle my young boy, I'll have to email her. :)
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